Why Hire Us for healthcapitol app Development?

- Healthcare Industry has seen the phenomenal technological evolution .

- Enabling us to live healthier lives and live longer. Nowadays many applications are available with different functionalities to monitor concerns related to fitness, lifestyle, stress, diet, and nutrition.

-We offer new, technologically advanced services that satisfy consumer interest and expectations.

- Our healthcare trackers can monitor vitals information such as blood pressure, heart rate, and more. In case the patient’s blood pressure deviates the doctor can receive a notification for timely action.

- Medical reports are accessible anywhere, anytime by a healthcare provider. This data is then used for patient care, as well as studying healthcare trends across different geographies.

- Patient’s medical records in the cloud, with patients able to access test results online 24/7.

- It becomes much easier to access records, bills, and their health insurance plans as the all the data is present on the cloud. With Cloud computing, Mobile Health market becomes more accessible and automated

- Keeping in mind the necessities of each specific department, we have a tendency to produce made-to-order solutions to assist your employees fulfill assignments more with efficiency.

- We give importance to data protection in healthcare mobile app development. We see to it that only authorized personnel access clinical information – within the scope of their authority.

- We integrate CRM solutions with existing enterprise-level softwares such as PMS, RMS, EHR, and patient support facilities.

- We have several health apps like apps for Diabetes, Fitness tracking’s and workout apps, pregnancy mobile app, vision care app, Patients app.

Mobile App Solution

Our Fantasy mobile app and web panel is fully automated and manage player scoring, points and league management. We have many processes like, Fantasy pointing system | Winner declaration | Fantasy scoring | Online Payment
User Ranking & Reports | Tie/ Draw Management | Match Reports | Transaction History

THE PROJECT The idea is to design and develop-TIP HER, it allow users to connect directly to your favorite performer and discover gentlemen’s clubs across the globe. This social network app enables club guests, performers, bartenders, and nightclubs to create profiles, connect and interact in real-time

PROJECT CHALLENGE The major challenge was to keep the UI simple and intuitive keeping in mind the target audiences. The Flexsin team had to work hard to achieve the appointment module for the club performers as a part of the project MVP. The next challenge was to reduce the response time for processing of the app. Flexsin team achieved the great success in reducing the response time by optimizing the http://brainitec.com/website_assets/images and source code of the whole application. The app was delivered to the client as expected as a end result.

THE ENDEAVOR The purpose of this project is to design and develop TIP HER, in a simpler way to connect the users directly to your favorite performer and discover gentleman's clubs across the globe. This social network app enables club guests, performers, bartenders, and nightclubs to create profiles, connect and interact in real-time. Monthly subscription users will receive real-time alerts from clubs and performers on their mobile devices and exclusive access and invitations from clubs and performers. TIP-HER is a premium online experience that will forever change the way you think and interact with a traditional gentlemen clubs. Discover performers from all over the world while enjoying your privacy and preference in the palm of your hand.

CLIENT FEEDBACK I have been satisfied with the work done by this team. They showed an incredible amount of flexibility and willingness to work with me.
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