Website Design

Great websites add great values to your business. From
wire-framing to PSD designing, we do it all.

Web Design


Brainitec offers you a wide horizon of website design ideas crafted perfectly to fit the need of your business. We specialize in services ranging from website wireframing to PSD designs customized according to your wishes.

- Let your website define you online.
- Cover all your products and services with utmost precision.
- Portray your business fundamentals and techniques easily, all at one place.

Giving your page the all-in-one look, we aim at providing our services totally based on what your requirement it. We are flexible and shall ensure your satisfaction as we progress. Timely completion and commitment are the basics we rely get the best logo and branding for your business.

Our Website Design Process

Our comprehensive website design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted website for your business.
  • 01 Consultation
  • 02 Wire-frame
  • 03 Final Design



We care about the manner you want your website to look as. All the planning and surveys of possible ideas are gone through to ensure the best design for you. After proper consultation we begin with the process of designing the website..

Whatever orientation it is, we have got it all figured out and covered for you. We create a website catering to your needs and hence, your opinion is the most significant to us.



We design the most outstanding website wire frame for you, with all details mentioned with diligence. We aim at having a detailed explanation of all the components and how they are linked together..

A wire-frame will enable you to get the overall idea of how your website will work. It will serve the purpose of the fundamental reference guide for your website’s design and working.

Final Design

Final Design

With proper consultation and well planned wire-frame of your website, we proceed to the eventual step of finalizing the design. A well equipped design with all the components and aspects you require, are blended with sophistication and brevity. At the same time, details and precision are not overlooked.

Keeping all these parameters in mind, we proffer you with the superlative design of your website, unique and appealing altogether.